The problems of choosing a hardware-software platform

Choosing a computer hardware and software platform and system configuration is an extremely complex task. This is dueto the nature of the application systems which can largely determine the workload of the computer system as a whole. However, it often turns out to be difficult to accurately predict the load itself, especially if the system should serve several groups of heterogeneous users according to their needs. For example, sometimes it’s even pointless to say that for every N user, it is necessary to have one processor in the server configuration, since for some application systems. In particular for systems from the field of mechanical and electronic CAD it may take 2-4 processors to support one user’s requests. On the other hand, even one processor can be quite sufficient to support 15-40 users working with the application package Oracle * Financial. Other application systems may be even less demanding.

How you face the situation?

Typically, the workload is substantially determined by the type of use of the system. For example, you can select NFS servers, database management servers and time sharing systems. These categories of systems are listed in order of increasing complexity. Typically, DBMS servers are much more complex than NFS servers and time-sharing servers, especially those serving different categories of users are the most difficult to evaluate.

Secondly, the universal nature of most of the most difficult systems for evaluating time-sharing systems implies a great variety of applications performed on them. Not all applications use processor resources intensively and not all of them are associated with intensive I / O. Therefore, a mixture of such applications on one system can ensure a fairly even load of all resources. Naturally incorrectly selected mixture can give an absolutely opposite effect.

Anyone who is faced with the problem of choosing a system configuration should begin by determining the answers to two main questions, what service should be provided by the system and what level of service the given configuration can provide. Having a set of end-user performance goals and cost constraints, you need to predict the capabilities of a particular set of components that are included in the system configuration. Anyone who has tried to do this knows that such an assessment is complex and involves inaccuracy.

Conclusion: predicts the future

The hardware and software configurations themselves are complex, connected with the definition of many different components of the system that are inherently heterogeneous, which increases the complexity quickly. At present, several computing paradigms can be used by the user’s choice with a wide variety of possible system configurations for each of them. Each new generation of hardware and software provides so much more capabilities than their predecessors, that relatively new ideas about their work are constantly being destroyed.

Best Opportunities for the Proper Customer Management Now

Market leaders have long known how important it is to build trusting relationships with customers in order to increase the competitiveness of a company. And here a relatively new tool comes to the aid of business CRM systems.

How the use of specialized automation systems helps to increase customer loyalty, what other benefits does CRM implementation provide, what are their main types and what products for managing customer relations are most promising in various business sectors read about it in our article as you need to know what is customer management process.

Customer Relationship Management Strategy: CRM and Loyalty

The most valuable resource of any company is customers. In modern economic conditions it is important to minimize the outflow of consumers and increase their profitability. Today, this cannot be achieved without building trust and loyalty.

The foundation of trust is effective customer management and an individual approach to each of them

Good customer knowledge allows us to fundamentally change the business model: from an ineffective strategy for finding new consumers for the proposed solutions, we can move on to developing solutions for existing customers based on their needs. Such personalized service is a direct path to the formation of loyalty, which means an increase in the value of the customer base and the success of the company.

  • Effective customer relationship management is facilitated by technological progress, in particular, its achievement as CRM. In a narrow sense, Customer Relationship Management, which translates as “customer relationship management system”, is software (software) for storing customer data, automating, controlling and analyzing all processes of interaction with them.
  • However, understanding CRM just as software would be too superficial. This is a whole business strategy aimed at strengthening relationships with customers to optimize their services, which ultimately leads to an increase in the value of each consumer, and consequently, to an increase in the competitiveness of the company.
  • In an era of massive sales and fierce competition, the orientation of the economy on the product has lost relevance. There are many manufacturers, the quality of goods and services is about the same, as are the prices. The only way to get rid of competitors was personalization, that is, the identification and satisfaction of individual customer needs.

But this is easy to do when the number of buyers does not exceed a few dozen.

And if there are hundreds of thousands?

And here to help companies come CRM customer management and customer relationship management systems. Information technologies allow us to collect and store information about consumers at all stages of interaction with them, analyze the data obtained and build the most successful relationship models based on them. Thanks to automation, the speed of business processes increases many times, which also affects the company’s profits.

The Best for the SEO Within Your Budget Now

You want to be at the very top of Google’s search results with your website or shop. That’s exactly what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about? Five selected tips for you:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great area of ​​website optimization. The goal is for potential customers to find your site easily. That’s not so hard if you follow a few rules and tips:

Know and use relevant keywords

You will not hear it for the first time: Find out what keywords your customers are looking for, your product or service. For example, use analytics tools like Google Analytics.

The closer you know these keywords, the better you can accommodate the keywords in your text. And the easier it is to find users on the search engine. There are affordable SEO services that will offer you the smartest supports.

A responsive mobile device design is a must

Any modern homepage that wants to be accessible via Google must be accessible as a mobile version. Responsive design means that your website automatically adjusts to the size of the screen of your user – for example, to a smartphone or tablet.

Content – current, relevant, and unique

Up-to-datedness is an important factor for the Google ranking. Ideally daily, but at least weekly, something (content) should change on your side.For a few years, Google has actually evaluated the quality of content on websites. Deliver relevant information that is mapped with the right terms (see keywords), understandable, and unique. That means: no duplicate or copied content!

Meaningful domain names

The domain is the address of your homepage (; subdomains are the addresses of your categories and subpages. These subdomains should contain your most important keywords and be meaningful.

This not only helps your readers, but also the search engine to read the browser line. is much easier to process than the index. In modern content management systems, you can define the subdomain or permalink yourself for each entry and subpage.

Check successes and think long term

Internet activities are easily measurable – so check your successes regularly and test the fundability of your pages. Use professional programs such as Google Analytics and remember: Google on your own computer stores your usage behavior and eventually falsifies the result.


SEO measures also do not work overnight. Google indexing takes time, so you should not change your strategy weekly. Be patient and stay true to your elaborate strategy.

Conclusion: These five tips are just a careful selection of SEO measures that you can apply to your website. Consult with an experienced SEO expert or read in our expert content: Design your homepage appealingly.

Streaming vs. DVD: Advantages and disadvantages of the formats

Streaming Moviebox app changes the television and disc viewing habits of the audience. But the formats DVD and Blu-ray are also in demand. Both variants have their advantages and are suitable for transforming the home living room into a movie theater. The following article should help you to make the right decision for personal preferences.In order to switch to streaming a smart TV, an Internet connection and a passable DSL speed are needed.

Which arguments speak for the DVD and Blu-ray?

People are hunters and gatherers. It is similar with DVDs and Blu-ray. It’s about the joy of finding, looking at and having good works in general. As less susceptible to interference, DVDs are not dependent on the internet, the speed of the DSL or the WLAN. With no waiting time, slow Internet movies and series must first be pre-buffered via streaming. While flexible in terms of time, the data carriers can also be inserted at any time. There is hardly any difference to the start via a streaming service.

What if the streaming service takes beloved series or movies out of the program or if the provider is someday no longer available? Perhaps less important to many but a large shelf full of movies can be a design highlight in the living room.The price advantages of streaming are often called. Anyone who buys a DVD looks at it and sells it but will hardly make a loss here. In addition the issue has brought a tangible equivalent. If you make such comparisons between the two, surely the streaming wins. With online movie you can rest be assured that you will never ever miss the show because there will be no traffic jam that will stop you to go to your bedroom from the kitchen.

Which arguments speak for streaming services?

Legal streaming by downloading Movie box APK is conquering the market and it should be known now that it is more than just a trend.Streaming providers are constantly striving to expand their offer. Meanwhile, even own productions are commissioned.More films or series can be selected directly from the sofa. It is not even necessary to change a disc in a player.The online services let movies and series sort by genre, actor, year of publication and etc. This overview is not offered in large collections in the living room with DVD and Co. various portals offer a huge selection from just above an amount limit per month. Even when streaming the viewer can choose when the broadcast begins.The question of whether streaming or DVD / Blu-ray cannot be answered flat rate. Both variants have their advantages and in each case the advertising bombardment of the private TV channels is waived.


What should you look for when choosing an online marketing agency?

You do not use a website the way it is usually accepted in its design. Very few people read a website from A to Z. It is flown over to reach the destination faster. In order for your page to be easily scanned, the text should be broken up into smaller sections and labeled with appropriate headings. Also bullet points or pictures can break a longer text and make it more reader friendly. Have you ever looked at all kinds of internet site hits, read the web pages exactly and tried to find the optimum? May be no. You are usually comfortable beings and do not make an effort to make an optimal decision but are satisfied with a sufficiently good result.

Internet market is the backbone of your website

A good online marketing agency knows its strengths and weaknesses and will never recommend anything that could be harmful for your website and visitors feedbacks. Before choosing the best internet marketing in Singapore, you need to consult with the expert on some basic figures. Is the online marketer sympathetic to you? Do they understand you, the company and the corporate culture? Can the agency provide individual support or are there many different contact persons? By what means does the agency work? What experience can the agency have?

Difference computer and mobile version

People on the smaller screen still read less and move faster through the Internet than at the computer. So what you do? Let the mobile user go only because your website is not mobile friendly and it does not attract the visitors. Professional website designing agency not only makes sure to make your website mobile friendly but also they let the visitors read the whole context by making it more attractive.  You just need to hire the one who is good at ecommerce website design. Nowadays you hardly get around the mobile version when creating a website. Many people use the phone at least as often as a computer to access the Internet.

Conclusion: The important things first

At school you have learned that a good text consists of introduction, body and conclusion. This does not apply to texts on websites. Various studies found that a large part of website visitors did not scroll down on one page. Therefore, write the most important statements on top and try to convince the reader with the first few words. A lengthy introduction bores the reader and loses interest and most likely leave your site again.